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Let's Share Data

We could not find any really good datasets for meeting locations all over the Twin Cities. So, using this website, we'd like to:

  • Pull together existing datasets and add information
  • Solicit data from organizations capable of adding locations to this set in bulk
  • Crowd source additional data

We think that folks are more likely to help us add to the data if they have the option of accessing the data directly themselves. So, for now, we've create a csv download option where folks can pretty much download our entire dataset of meeting locations. 

Granted, at this stage its still a pretty small dataset and very incomplete, but it's growing. Anyone can login and add their "favorite meeting place" to help our dataset grow.

Here is where you can download our existing data.

If you have data in csv format, we can upload it in bulk. But at this time, you'll have to provide it to us for upload. Just contact us at tim@triplo.co